Inspire 2020

Inspire 2020

Inspire Event – Disciples engaging with Culture

This is a special event for all QB churches to assist  with the challenging task of engaging with the culture all around us and being effective in our mission from Jesus.

We usually host this annual event around the state, but this year we hope you join us online.

Date: June 11, 2020
Time: 2:00 – 3:00 PM


Meeting ID: TBA
Password: TBA


Dave Benson

Dave Benson Image Dr David Benson is the Director of Traverse (, the Malyon Centre for Bridging Church and Culture. He lectures in practical theology, worldviews, evangelism, apologetics, and faith–work integration at Malyon Theological College, based in Brisbane, Queensland. As a former high school teacher, youth worker and pastor, his interest is in the intersection of marketplace, church, and centres of education. Dave is passionate about dialogue where everyone gets a say, and Christian faith finding a healthy public expression in our post-Christendom context, toward the flourishing of all.

Geoff Eggins

Geoff Eggins started as Youth Pastor at Forest Lake Baptist in 2011 and became an Associate Pastor in 2013. He is married to his most treasured gospel partner Hayley, and has two sons, Charlie and Caleb, and a daughter, Emily. His current areas of oversight currently are Worship, Missions & Youth. Above all, he is passionate about living out Jesus’ direction to make disciples. For Geoff, there is no greater joy than hearing of someone come to know and trust in Jesus
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