LATEST 4 March

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LATEST 4 March


Roots and Wings Study Review

Phillip McCallum writes: Our Home Group, held under the auspices of Kruger Parade Baptist Church, has been meeting for around six years now, doing a mix of prepared courses and core study of various books of the bible. Late last year we began the ‘Roots and Wings’ studies – developed by Edmund Chan – a bible study series for discipleship.

Was it worth it? Overwhelmingly yes! Here are some comments by members of our study group:

“This eightfold core curriculum diagnostic really works! When I thought about how it applied to me, and to members of my family, I could immediately see where our challenges in discipleship lay and how they could start to be addressed.”

“The model of study introduced by this series is fantastic. Not only have I loved using it in the homework, but it has changed my mind on how I ought to approach personal bible study in the future.”

“I don’t recall doing a series that has taken me to so many different books of the bible and laid open the scriptural application in my life so clearly. Refreshing and challenging teaching!”

The Roots & Wings study series over 12 weeks has proven to be powerful and insightful, with group members being challenged regularly by its content.

Through the study, we were introduced to Edmund’s “Eightfold Core Curriculum for Discipleship”. After an initial overview, the series then takes a week to explore each of the eight parts in more detail. The study approach requires members to do homework between study nights and come along prepared. The studies and homework delve deeply into a broad range of scripture and emphasise a comprehensive and consistent message in the Word to encourage Christ’s followers to go deeper.

So was it a ‘light and easy’ study? We would say emphatically not. All participants found themselves needing to take plenty of time to read the scripture passages and prayerfully respond to the thought provoking questions posed in the homework. For my wife and me to lead the group, we found ourselves needing to spend more time than usual in preparation each week. The studies themselves are designed to take two hours which was more time than our group could readily commit to. We therefore found ourselves trimming some of the content most weeks in order to allow proper discussion of the content. Any other study books we might have been reading kind of took a back seat while we were engaged with the series!

We are looking forward to putting these principles into practice, and sharing them with others in our church family.


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