LATEST 9 April

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LATEST 9 April


Welcome to this series of devotional posts based on ‘Roots & Wings’ an integrative Bible study for discipleship, written by Pastor Edmund Chan, our guest speaker at RISE, QB Convention 2015. Our thoughts will be based around five areas: our human weakness, the resulting problem, the radical re-orientation, the critical need, and the empowered life of Roots & Wings.

TOPIC:  Finishing Well

The Critical Need: Live life true to the end (Heb 12:1-2)

Our lives are not isolated events but part of a great chain of witnesses to the power and work of God in the lives of men and women. We are an important link in the chain building on those who have gone before and laying a foundation for those who will follow us. The key in living a consistent life that honours God is to keep our eyes clearly fixed on Jesus who sacrificed all for us. We can never repay him but our lives can overflow with love for what he has done for us and can overflow with actions that point to the transforming power of God in our lives.



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Home Base @ QCCC Brookfield
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QB Convention 2019 @ QCCC
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